So Your Deck Construction Project is Complete. Now What?

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Whether you wanted to add value to your property or simply create your personal oasis, your deck construction is now complete. Let’s talk about ways you can take your new deck and inject your personality into the space.

So Your Deck Construction Project is Complete. Now What?

  1. Add some flowers: Our sturdy lattice work during deck construction is an excellent base for showcasing your green thumb. Consider flowers such as morning glories, as their beautiful vines snake around woodwork to create an ethereal feel in your outdoor space.
  2. Be creative with color: Your deck construction may have entailed finding the perfect natural shade of wood, so this is a great opportunity to find outdoor furniture that complements the grain. To maintain an earthier, more natural feel, consider sticking to neutrals with pops of green.
  3. Branch out with string lights: String lights are the perfect accessory to a new deck. With a variety of bulb shapes to choose from, the soft glow that string lights emit adds a stunning ambiance to your space.
  4. Warm up with a cozy fireplace: Your new deck is the perfect place to sit and enjoy s’mores with your family and friends. Invite them over to watch your technique and compliment the deck construction.
  5. Spice up the space with unexpected décor: if you’re looking for a conversation piece, consider introducing a mini-waterfall to the space. You can enjoy the relaxing sounds of water flowing while your guests admire the piece’s serenity.

Feeling inspired? We can help bring those visions to life here at Superior Painting And Remodeling LLC. Contact us today to learn how our experienced team can handle your deck construction.