Dos and Don’ts of Office Painting

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If you’ve been considering painting your office space but haven’t yet determined how to best go about this project, you aren’t alone. Many business owners want to give their offices an updated look but stop short because they aren’t sure what the best practices are or where to begin. To make your office painting project a little easier, here are some Dos and Don’ts to follow:

DO: Choose Neutral Colors

One of the most important things you can choose when office painting is neutral colors that are easy on the eyes. Many neutral colors are also warm and inviting, making them the ideal wall color for a business office.

Dos and Don’ts of Office Painting

DON’T: Paint Every Wall a Different Color

While it’s ok to choose an accent color for your office painting project, you don’t want to go all-out by painting every wall a different color. Your employees may not appreciate getting stuck with the “blue office” or the “orange office.” Furthermore, your customers may be distracted by a busy office space which can affect any transactions that you need to conduct.

DO: Stick with Branding

If your business has a specific color scheme that is important for your logo or customer recognition, it’s ok to use this in an office painting project. Just make sure that you are strategic about where and how you use these colors, so they aren’t distracting.

DON’T: Wait Too Long to Refresh

Many business owners wait a decade or more in between office painting projects, which can leave offices feeling dull. Scheduling commercial painting projects more often can keep your business feeling energized year after year.

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