Bathroom Flooring to Suit Your Lifestyle

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Bathroom renovations require particular forethought because their main components cannot be easily swapped out on a whim. Once your shower, tub, sink, toilet, and floors are installed, they will most likely be there to stay for a good long while. That is why, when making decisions with your bathroom remodeler about the optimal bathroom flooring for your home, you should carefully consider what features best meet your family’s specific needs.

Bathroom Flooring to Suit Your Lifestyle

• Who is going to use the bathroom? Young children are generally not as tidy as adults, especially in the bathroom, where many enjoy playing with toys and splashing around while bathing. If your family includes young children, the floors in the bathroom they use primarily should be able to withstand their messiness. Choosing sturdier bathroom flooring that resists water and stain damage and cleans up easily, such as ceramic tile or vinyl, will let your kids be kids while saving you time and energy.

• How often will the bathroom be used? Bathrooms near a common area or in a bedroom usually get more traffic than, for instance, a guest bathroom or half bath, which is why they need heavier-duty floors for longevity and easier upkeep. Although higher-maintenance options like carpet or hardwood might be fine in less-used spaces, sounder choices for frequently used main bathrooms, such as laminate or linoleum, will protect against recurring wear and tear.

• What are your personal goals? Bathroom floors come in a wide variety of colors, designs, materials, styles, and prices, and the choices go beyond the common considerations of moisture resistance and ease of care. For example, heated floors can help eliminate cold feet in the morning, and both bamboo and cork flooring are highly durable, as well as very environmentally friendly. Our remodelers at Superior Painting And Remodeling LLC can help you select the bathroom flooring that will provide the greatest overall functionality for your family and your budget.